Gas engine design, gas engine development

Gasengine We are able to design new gas engine, as well as we can modernize your present engines.
Our specialists have more than 16 years experience in the design, development and operation of different kind of gas engines.

The main advantages of modernized engines with our technology:

  • Fuel consumption is lower the original engines
  • The exhaust gas emission reduction without catalyst
  • Full power range(continuous) air/fuel ratio control
  • Dual gas opreation is possible(natural gas/biogas, etc.)
  • Continuous power and air/fuel ratio control based on CH4 content of bio gas (CH4 transducer necessary)
  • Reliable start-up at changeable CH4 content of biogas (CH4 transducer necessary)

What we offer?

  • Software simulation of the gas engine, we can forecast more than 60 parameters of the converted engine before conversion.
  • We can convert your own diesel engine to the requested gas fuel operation(natural gas, bio gas, wood gas, coal mine gas, etc..)
  • Installation of complete gas engine and CHP control systems on old and new machines.
  • Design and production of CHP units from 5kWe to 500kWe.
  • Modernisation of your own gas engine or complete CHP units with "State of the Art" components.
  • Exchange of the engie or complete CHP unit control system and optimalization of the unit.
  • Design of engine specific special spark plugs.

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