Omnitek Diesel to Natural Gas Conversion System and Parts

CIMS04/06/08/10/12/16 Engine Management System

cimss Can be used for diesel-to-natural gas/LPG engine conversions.
For engines from 4 to 16 cylinders.
Manages gas metering and ignition timing. Lowest fuel consumption and emissions.

pdf CIMS04/06/08/10/12/16 Engine Management System


ecm88kivágott Advanced Engine Management System for Natural Gas Fuel Injection (also Hydrogen).

pdf ECM64/66/88

Fuel Injector Module

fuelring 4s Available in various configurations

CNG Pressure Regulator


images CNG Pressure Regulator

Electronic Throttle Body


pdf Electronic Throttle Body

Electronic Throttle Pedal


images Electronic Throttle Pedal

Omnitek High-Performance Ignition Coil -D10


images Omnitek High-Performance Ignition Coil -D10

High-pressure CNG Filter


pdf High-pressure CNG Filter

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